Suppose—that Medical Centers dedicated to Primary Care medicine were established in Communities all over the United States.


                     That these Centers could be funded by federal grant on application from individual communities


                     That these centers would be staffed by salaried specialists in Pediatrics,  Primary Care (trained as family doctors and to some extent general practitioners),  Internal Medicine, Gynecology and Dentistry.


                     That these Centers have been approved by the Congress and no further Congressional approval be needed.


                     That these Centers would earn money to defray the cost of management by charging whatever the traffic would bear, to include Private Insurance, Medicare, Medicaid, Cash and No Fee for the medically indigent.


                     That the deployment of these Centers the land over would ASSURE every American the availability of Primary Care Medicine 24 hours a day and reduce the load on Emergency Rooms for band-aid problems.


                     That these Centers would remove such a financial load from the shoulders of business, and industry that business and enterprise would scramble to promote and help fund them.


                     That individuals and families would pay less for High Tech medicine in or out of the hospital.


                     That the Centers would be electronically connected to allow surveillance by the Primary Physician of the progress of patients that had been referred, and thus informed have the option of getting a second opinion.


                     That Hospitalization, High Tech Medicine, complex parenteral and intravenous therapies, Surgery, Imaging, Dialysis remain in the private sector.


This program would provide a Medical System comprised of two sectors, Private Insurance on the one hand and Government Funded on the other, Public and private Side by Side.



The public sector assures Primary Care and thus individuals have the option of adding Private Insurance if so desired.


It gives patients access to Primary Care Medicine in any Center in the country and protects travelers.


Isn’t this better than forcing Americans to buy insurance?


Would YOU vote to have this system promoted and put in place? 




You don’t have to vote for or against it. The system EXISTS and is in place. 8000 of these Primary Care Centers are scattered throughout the county. We simply need more of them.  Growing the existing system would salvage the troubled “Health Care” system as we know it.