The Job of the Primary Care Physician*


          A. Minor surgery (toe nail removal, mole and cyst removal         B. Suturing

          C. Fine needle aspirations

          D. Casting/splinting

          E. General orthopedic evaluation management

          F. Review of x-rays

          G. Basic rehabilitation for musculoskeletal injuries

          H. General Dermatology

          I. General eye problems and Use of Slit Lamp on site

          J. General EKG interpretations

          K. Emergency management skills – use of defibrillator on site

          L. Allergy shots

          M. Primary Care Physician’s General GYN expertise


* Listed in PCP job description at Health Care in Aurara GA



Additional Responsibilities with respect to REFERRALS


          PCP must not refer until a complete workup had been performed including routine blood work, urinalysis and appropriate radiology studies.

          The PCP must monitor referrals

          PCP and specialist must discuss the problem and further care

          Referred patients must be returned to the PCP for further referrals is need

          Specialist cannot refer patient to another specialist without discussion with PCP unless circumstances are exigent.